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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

to avoid any deletion from 4shared ( with updated links )

السلام عليكم

I have heard that 4shared website is going to delete all the free
accounts if someone does not log into it for 1 month....
actually I don't know is this right or not
but anyway
I am going to transfer all the files to a new site

and to post the new links here soon ...


the other old files on 4shred
are still there till being deleted automatically both links are available till deletion.


The files

1-cardiac auscultation program
updated link in 25/3/2008

2- obstetrics & gynacology secrets
text book containing questions & answers

updated link in 25/3/2008

obstetrics & gynacology :
an illustrated colored text book

updated link in 25/3/2008

4- A to Z drug facts:
text book for pharmacology with even images for the tablets & capsules!
updated link in 25/3/2008

5- isilo program file**
a program for pdb* files

* pdb files : alot of text books working in this format

** to know more details about the program and how to
use this file , read this post...



  1. جزاك الله خيرا

    بجد مجهود رائع فعلا

  2. تسلم يا دكتور

    بس حضرتك لينك كتاب النسا والولاده اللينك التاني مش شغال

    ياريت لو ترفعه بلينك تاني شاكرين