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Friday, August 31, 2007

online diagnosis ... a great website

السلام عليكم


Online Medical Diagnosis is a diagnosis and treatment program that uses medical specialists to accurately diagnose symptoms. It generates a diagnosis based on the patient's symptoms, and it provides treatment options. Online Medical Diagnosis assesses symptoms with a program created by 1,500 specialist physicians. Online Medical Diagnosis includes treatments for 1,200 diseases.

Janet T. Jones, MD; Sarah J. Thompson, MD; David Cooper, MD;
and Joanne Masterson, MD
online diagnosis


  1. hey i've just added your site in my both blogs

    Medical books 4 Everyone

  2. يارب يكرمك يااارب
    على تعبك ويبقى في ميزان حسناتك
    وكل سنة وانتى طيبة

  3. نازك الملائكة :

    جزاكى الله خيرا بجد وربنا يخليكى
    وانتى طيبة :)
    وان شاء الله يكون عيد سعيييييييييييد عليكى يارب

    الاء الرحمن :

    طيب لما تجربيه قولى لى رأيك ايه ؟؟؟

  4. One biggest advantage of consulting with an online doctor is that you will receive immediate response regarding with the medical diagnosis you inquire. You can also saved up time and money since you don't have to wait and spend on gas.