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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

online surgical procedures website

السلام عليكم

online surgical procedures

The goal of this resource is a concise description of surgical technique. Medical professionals have wide access to network computers in wards, operating rooms, libraries, offices, call rooms and homes. This atlas is as available as the www, and is made as a reference for students, nurses, hospital personnel, and physicians. This publication is being developed, and presently the laparoscopy section is the only active area. We are seeking support and new chapters are being added.

The drawings are black and white sketches, designed to fit in a 14" monitor. A bibliography is included at the end of each chapter .

The technical descriptions reflect the individual authors' preferences and training. The views expressed are not meant to reflect the sole methods of attaining good results.

This source is not specifically designed for patient education. If you are a patient, keep in mind your doctor's practice may differ from those of the authors' for sound reasons. We suggest that patients using this source do so with the guidance of their physician in order to optimize the information and avoid confusion.

Carl J. Westcott, MD.

Assistant Professor of Surgery, Wake Forest Medical Center Department of General Surgery, Winston-Salem, NC

Copyright: Online Atlas of Surgery and Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Contact for permission to reproduce.


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